performing, Performing Stars age 12-16

Performing Stars is a unique programme designed to develop and nurture more advanced performance skills in children of secondary school age, from 11 to 16. This programme encourages students to flourish as a performer, ensuring they have the skills and environment required perform on stage to a high standard.

The session will start with 30 minutes of preperation exercises in which Bright Stars, Shining stars and Performing Stars will work together. This will be followed by three micro sessions lasting 45 minutes each.

Contact Details

Performing Stars Academy


13 George street
Melton Mowbray
LE13 1AX

Tel : 01664 431567

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Students will work on developing and fine tuning characters, learning the skills required to make their characterisation believable and engaging. They will perform monologues and duologues and will be encouraged to take new approaches to text and improvisation.

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Students on this programme will learn advanced vocal techniques to improve their tone, pitch and vocal expression. Students will receive ear training and pitch control as well exercises to expand their vocal range. Students will also receive training in microphone technique, stage presence and will learn to understand the difference between head and chest voice and how to bridge the two.

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Students will learn how to express character through dance and begin to create more expressive dance routines, including solos and ensemble pieces. They will develop their skills through a range of styles, including Street, Modern, Jazz, Urban, Contemporary, Ballet and many others.

Students will be taught in a professional dance studio with mirrored wall, drama studio and music room to maximise their ability to learn.