dance, Bright Stars age 6-10

During our Bright Stars programme, we begin to build on the foundation skills to promote physical and emotional expression in the three main disciplines of performance. Students are encouraged to learn, explore and develop in a nurturing and supportive environment and will receive a report twice a year, outlining their progress and efforts.

The session will start with 30 minutes of preperation exercises in which Bright Stars, Shining stars and Performing Stars will work together. This will be followed by three micro sessions lasting 45 minutes each.

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By the end of this stage, students will be able to convey a range of emotions through physical expression. Teacher-led roleplay is used to inspire the students and create the right setting for the drama. Skills learned by Bright Stars include freeze frames, characterisation, imagination, narration and creating tension.

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On our Bright Stars Programme, we introduce students to some of the more advanced principles of music theory and how they apply to singing. This includes different rhythms and tempos taught through a range of pop songs and popular musical theatre songs. We also focus on projection at this stage, ensuring our Bright Stars are able to really perform the songs when they get on the stage.

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Through a combination of pop dance routines and musical theatre ensemble pieces, students gain a deeper unserstanding of coordination and technique. To improve confidence, students are also given the chance to devise their own routines and share these with the group.

Students will be taught in a professional dance studio with mirrored wall, drama studio and music room to maximise their ability to learn.

Teachers will recognise and nurture individual talent and children who excel in all three areas will be invited to move up to the next stage, from the age of 9.