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At PSA we work with fully trained teachers to deliver the best quality training in the East Midlands. Not only are all our teachers qualified, but many of them are professional performers themselves, with either past experience of working in the industry or current. We believe this is extremely important to inspire and motivate our students to follow their dreams. As well as our core teachers below, we also work with other amazing performers from all aspects of the industry, who deliver workshops to our students regularly. We are very proud of the connections we hold at PSA and will continue to provide fantastic opportunities for our students.

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A message from our founder

“The enjoyment and success I get from teaching reflects greatly in the programmes I have devised for the Performing Stars Academy. Throughout my career I have really enjoyed working with children of all ages and learned how much performing arts can aid them significantly in their personal and educational development. I take time and care in preparing challenging workshops and deliver them with an enthusiasm that aims to inspire the children to develop a love for the performing arts, whilst teaching them to become independent learners, developing self belief and respect for others.”


Suzanne Forrester – Principal and Founder

Our Teams

Our staff have been carefully selected as those who reflect our values and principles, while providing excellent tuition.

Melton Team

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