PSA Exam Policy

Performing Stars Academy School of Dance are accredited to be able to offer IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) Examinations to students. Examinations are offered in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Level 3 & 4 Teaching Qualifications.

Why should students take Dance exams?

You may be wondering why your dancer may need to take a Dance Exam. Dance Exams are an excellent way for your dancer to be guided through a standard syllabus which provides them a goal to work towards and the building blocks necessary to achieve that goal. Dance exams allow your dancer to develop deeper into the world of dance and provides accountability to their training. Your dancer will also develop improved physical training, goal setting, respect and discipline as well as confidence. Taking an exam and passing gives the student a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction in knowing they are improving each year. It also gives them a certificate to show for all their hard work. The IDTA syllabus is eligible for UCAS points and as the dancer gets older and applies for part-time jobs, college, university, and full-time work, they can include these dance exams on their resumé. This will have a great effect on showing their commitment and seriousness to an extra-curricular subject. Exams are offered for all dancers from Preparatory to Intermediate Level and even onto Level 3 & 4 diplomas for those wanting to gain teaching qualifications. Younger dancers are offered the opportunity to take the Rosette exam.

How the dance teacher will decide on who can take their exam?

Students will be assessed in their lessons for examinations once the required level of commitment and ability has been demonstrated in the students chosen genre. We will then start the entry process. If after assessment we feel your child may need additional support to reach the required standard to sit their exam, we will invite them to attend additional 1-2-1 coaching sessions in preparation for the exam, we will discuss this with parents/guardians if applicable. We may also recommend that your child would benefit from waiting a little longer before sitting their exam to achieve the best possible mark. All entries are subject to progress between assessment and the exam date and we expect full commitment to both weekly classes and coaching sessions. If a student misses more than 3 sessions in the term leading up to the exam we may have to pull them from the exam. Performing Stars Academy reserves the right to withdraw any student who misses any of their coaching sessions or if during the exam preparation and assessment process we do not feel the required standard is achieved. We could also suggest if a student is ready but we feel they could do with doing the graded exam in two parts to ease the pressure, we can suggest them doing a Class Work Assessment, they would still enter the exam session in front of the examiner but doing the grade in two parts instead of all in one go.

Please remember every student is individual and will progress at different rates through the grades, so please try not to compare to other students in their class, the individuals progress and development is what we focus on, it does not affect their dancing taking an exam later on, it gives them time and confidence.

The value of loyalty at PSA Dance School

Loyalty is something our teachers and staff give each individual when joining PSA, So much of what we teach is not just the practise of dance.

Whilst this is the forefront of what we do, the real lessons your child learns in the PSA dance studio will be shaping the person they are becoming not just in the studio, but in the world.

Loyalty… This was an easy value to come up with. In a world of, I want it now, every man for himself, we have found that this quality in a person has become almost obsolete.

How do we teach our children to stick at things, to commit to their team and to be grateful for what they have without discussing the importance of loyalty.

To us at PSA Dance, loyalty means a few different things:

Firstly Loyalty to your peers. A lot of what we teach at PSA is centred on team-work. Team-work! Is what you’ll hear from our dance teachers and when backstage before they go on  for a routine and its what you hear in rehearsals when they are about to commence a run.

Working as part of a team makes up a huge part of your dancers journey. Loyalty is implemented through out each class and the importance of teamwork, the importance of not letting others down, commitment and loyalty.

We offer a variety of dance classes, professional workshops, associate programme, company classes and competition classes at PSA Dance to cater for all of our students needs. If a student is wanting to attend an outside workshop, audition or professional stage school, summer school or associate programme, please discuss this with us as we are here to guide and encourage students who are wanting to progress. We are happy to discuss any PSA students journey and correct pathway to provide them with the best possible chance in their dance educational journey. We do not however advise for students to be attending two of a similar school to what we provide as an dance institution due to conflict of interest, a conflict of teaching/learning styles, clash of studio time and commitment to showcases, examinations and events.

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